Nursery 101

Nursery 101 is committed to helping pregnant women and new mothers make their transition into motherhood easier and less overwhelming. By providing them with accurate and reliable pregnancy and postnatal resources, along with organizational expertise in setting up baby’s nursery/toddler’s room, we are dedicated to helping women welcome their children with joy, love and confidence.

With an array of services, including cleaning and organizing the nursery/toddler room, helping moms select the furniture and gear that best suits their child, and creating custom baby registries, Nursery 101 is a well-respected resource for new and expecting moms. By providing reliable, well-researched information on birthing and parenting classes, our services save mothers time and energy, allowing them to focus on what’s really important–their babies. Each consultation and home visit is personalized to the mother’s individual needs to prepare and care for her unique baby. Our goal is to help each mother feel prepared as she welcomes her baby into the world.

Nursery 101 was created by teacher and Westchester mom, Vera Kessler. Mrs. Kessler’s qualifications include a New York State teaching certification and a Masters Degree, both in Childhood Education. Her expertise with children and parents is derived from teaching, childcare, and the most valuable experience of all, being a mom.

Contact: Vera Kessler at 914-473-9645 or