Choosing a diaper bag for a boy

Congratulations! You have managed to bring forth a baby boy, and now it is time for you to show him off to the world. Now during infancy, you are going to go through about 7,000 diapers or more. Not all of them are going to be where you need them, unless you have a very good diaper bag.  Some even choose a designer diaper bag for a boy.

Things to consider:

When you are out shopping for a diaper bag, it can be time consuming, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Admitting that is the first step. The first thing you should do is make a list of what you are going to need with you when you go on an outing with your baby. Besides diapers, you are going to need clothes, feeding items, bibs, pacifiers, toys, and so much more. By time everything is said and done, you are grunting about why the diaper bag is so heavy.

You will need to start with finding a cute diaper bag that you need to want. You have to be able to plan what will fit in that bag. You also need something that is going to look stylish. Diaper bags can come in basic canvas totes to really chic messenger bags all the way to Italian leather bags from Mia Bossi, Kate Spade and Pyknyk. You don’t have to go overboard with your first bag, but you should find what is comfortable for you.

Different types of diaper bags

Diaper Totes:

This is a tote like bag that is great because it is oversized and works for those who have a lot of items that need to go with them. They are great for long days out and even overnight trips.

Shoulder diaper bag:

This is similar to a tote bag, but these bags are a bit smaller. The straps are mean to be worn on the shoulder like a purse and can be adjustable. Shoulder bags can be very fashionable and sophisticated as well.

Hobo Diaper bag:

This is often used as more than just an infant bag. The hobo bag comes in handy and is super informal, so it looks quite functional. There are massive straps that will pull the bag into a sack-like appearance. Most hobo bags have metal feet on the bottom.

Diaper backpack:

This is great for those who need to be hands free. They look like regular backpacks, but it has plenty of pockets that make it more beneficial such as bottle holders, mesh pockets, and even zippered or Velcro pockets.

Daddy Diaper Bag:

This is just for daddies as it lets men have a diaper bag that isn’t girly. These bags are normally done in masculine shades and styles. Many are either messenger bags or backpacks.


You need to begin with cute boy diaper bags that you are comfortable with and will enjoy. Be sure to find one that works for you. Look at what features it has, what you will be need to carry around, and see if it will work with your little one. Plus, take it for a test run. Some stores will let you try before you buy.